Speaker Stand Support RS 203 Range

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Speaker Stand Support Range RS 203 Design Copyright © to Custom Design (Newcastle) 2006

All of the RS 203 Speaker Support Stand Range are manufacture by the craftsman at Custom Design. The hand made and finished design include Acoustic Top PLates supplied as standard. Combined with the zinc plated M8 fixing bolts top and bootom, tri point isolation, and a strong, rigid design  the RS 203 provide an excellent solution for small book shelf speakers.
Hand polished 4mm steel plates top and bottom reflect the intentions of Custom Designs integrity towards quality standards and speaker stand design. The RS 203 Speaker Support Stand tri supports are manufactured from 50mm diameter support columns which can be easily massloaded with our Inert Filler to maximise your speakers performance. The zinc plated M8 base isolation spikes supplied as standard with a 4mm steel base plate.

The RS 203 Range introduce a new format to the Custom Design Speaker Support Stand Range, a Tri Isolation with a Tri column format, available in the standard finishes, Mercury or Black.
Please reference the Acoustic Steel page to see how resonance is absorbed by combining Acoustic Steel Top plates, Acoustic Steel Base Plates and Inert Filler on a pair of the multi award winning  RS 300 speaker support stands.

Top support 165mm x 180mm x 4mm - Acoustic Top plate supplied as standard

RS 203 -  610mm (24") in Mercury or Black finish

Image above: RS 203 in Black

Image above: Inert Filler £4.99 per bag or £34.99 a box ( 8 bags )

Speaker Stands, Speaker Stand Supports Designed and Manufactured by Custom Design (All Design Copyright Custom Design 2016)

HiFi Stands HiFi Supports HiFi Table HiFi Furniture HiFi Accessory Speaker Stand Specialist Manufacturer for 30 years.

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