Speaker Stand Custom Built FS 104 Signature Range

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Speaker Stand Support Custom Built Range FS 104 Signature Range Design Copyright © Custom Design (Newcastle) 2012

David Price HiFi World - Custom design extra special - One of the most common questions that users of classic loudspeakers ask us is, where can I get some decent speaker stands? The trouble is, virtually all pre-eighties boxes were expected to sit either on the floor behind the settee or - if they were lucky - on a pair of appalling castor-based contraptions which wer primarily designed to make the speakers easy to wheel behind the settee...These days, it s easier, as manufactures now recognise the stand as part of the equation, but there will still be times when a high quality, made-to-measure stand is required - enter Custom Design. Although the company makes a range of excellent off-the-shelf products, it can also fabricate bespoke stands to customers specifications. If you've a special project in mind, or a bog-standard speaker you want a stand for, this is an excellent company to consider. Price varies according to the work commissioned of course, but they re extremely reasonable.

Image: Custom Built FS 104 Signature Harbeth SHL5 Black with brushed chrome satellites

Image: Custom Built FS 104 Signature Spendor SP100 Black

Images supplied by Analogue Seduction HiFi Dealer and online dealer for Custom Design products

Hi-Fi World - June 2006 Reveiwed by David Price
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