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Speaker Stand Support Range SQ 404 Design Copyright © to Custom Design (Newcastle) 2000

The SQ 404 Speaker Stand Range are a quadrifid design available with steel or solid hardwood support columns.
The SQ 404 design includes 4mm Inert Acoustic steel top and 5mm Inert Acoustic base plates combined with zinc plated M8 fixing bolts for total joint rigidity. The hand polished plates connect to ERW BS EN 10305-3 steel 50.8 x 50.8mm tubes, as standard for sound quality and as part of the Custom Design attention to detail philosophy.
The solid hardwood support columns are manufactured from solid Ash, Oak or Walnut. They are harvested from sustainable, professionally managed forests. Finishes available include White, Natural, Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut and Black. The natural properties of wood can dampen resonance noise vibration, preventing the transition through the design and influencing the stand and speakers performance, without the requirement for mass loading the support column.
We manufacture our world renowed Inert Acoustic Steel and Aluminium products for total isolation
Custom Design are proud to present the award winning SQ 400 ranges. The SQ 404 Speaker Support Stand Range are manufacture by the craftsman at Custom Design.
By combining the ERW BS EN 10305-3 steel support columns or the solid hardwood supports with 4mm Inert Acoustic Steel top plates and 5mm Inert Acoustic steel base plates , Custom Design have created a discrete. totally rigid speaker support stand with significant initial Mass. Mass loading the steel support columns with Inert Filler, supplied as standard, adds greatly to the final mass, with 1 bag of Inert Filler recommended per column, maximising the performance of your SQ 404 Speaker support Stands.
Inert Acoustic Base plates are supplied as standard or the aesthetically pleasing 8mm Clear Glass base plinths manufactured to BS EN 12150-2.
The modern, contemporary SQ 404 ranges have true aesthetic appeal. When combined with Inert Acoustic Top and Base plates the reduction in resonance noise vibration is significant, resulting in an improved performance and sound quality. Please visit our Acoustic Steel page to view the graph demonstrating which frequencies of resonance vibration noise are absorbed by each process and the combination of Acoustic Steel top and base plates with our specially selected Inert Filler material.
SQ 404 Speaker Support Stands are supplied as standard with Inert Acoustic Topand Base plates.
Top Support 165 x 180mm (custom sizes available)
Base Plate dimensions 220 x 260 x 5mm (Acoustic Steel).
8mm Clear Glass Bases are manufactured to British Safety Standard BS EN 12105-2.
M8 Zinc plated base isolation spikes supplied as standard.
Standard height available 610mm (24") Custom Heights available only in the steel format.
Standard finishes are Mercury or Black in steel or White, Natural, Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut or Black in the solid hardwood finishes

SQ 404 Steel Speaker Stands 610mm (24") high

SQ 404 Wood Speaker Stands 610mm (24") high

Image Above: SQ 404 Mercury with 6mm Steel base Floor Protectors optional

Image Above: SQ 404 Natural with 8mm Clear Glass base and Floor Protectors optional extra

Image Above: SQ 404 Oak with 8mm Clear Glass base and Floor Protectors optional

Image Above: SQ 404 Walnut with 6mm Steel Black base

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