Speaker Stand HiFi Furniture Solid Steel Floor protectors

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Speaker Stand HiFi Furniture Solid Steel Floor protectors

Custom Design Speaker Stand HiFi Furniture Steel Floor Protectors Design Copyright © to Custom Design (Newcastle) 2008

The steel floor protector range are available in sets of 8 and have been designed to isolate and protect wooden floors. Manufactured from solid 4mm steel, finishes available include Polished or Black. With a diameter of 18mm and height of 4mm they are designed to support your hifi furniture, equipement perfectly.
The solid steel floor protectors add an aesthetic value to any hifi support or speaker stand they may compliment.

Steel Floor Protectors available in Polished or Black finish sets of 8 £12.99

Image : Polished and Black Steel Floor Protectors

Image : black Steel Floor Protectors set of 8

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